About Us

The company was founded in the 1960 thanks to the genius and tenacity of its founder Bruno Wolhfarth, who developed the patent for a round-shaped seal-free plate filter made entirely of stainless steel.

This first product was followed by stainless steel electric pumps with flexible elastomer impeller, and patents for sanitary pumps and titanium electric pumps for acids.

All parts of the machines are designed and manufactured in the plant in Sordio.

Bruno Wolhfarth

The distinguishing feature of our production process is the skilful machining of stainless steel, and for more than twenty years also of titanium for special applications: the body of the pumps is made from a solid bar which is machined for turning and milling, with no cast parts or seams. This allows to obtain smooth, compact surfaces, devoid of porosity.

The design privileges simplicity: seals have been reduced to a minimum, and stagnation and difficult to clean points have been eliminated.

In addition to power and solidity, these hygienic and easy to maintain features are behind the success and spread of WOLHFARTH filters and pumps in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and herbal industries.

Wolhfarth Company

Bruno's work has been continued with enthusiasm by the new generations of the WOLHFARTH family, with a desire not to squander the wealth of design and technological knowledge by investing in innovation and environmental sustainability. The photovoltaic system which provides for the energy needs of the company was installed in 2009.

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