Titanium electric pumps

Titanium electric pumps in the "AC" series for corrosive acids

AC Series Titanium Electric Pumps

For 50 years, we have been manufacturing electric pumps, with flexible elastomer impeller and pump body obtained from a solid bar, NOT from welded or cast sheet metal, and made of AISI 316L stainless steel for the "RAPID" series, and for the last 20 years also made of TITANIUM for the "AC" series.

The latter was specifically designed for the pouring of corrosive acids, not compatible with stainless steel. The flexible impeller is made of acid-resistant DUTRAL (EPDM).

In the treatment of highly corrosive substances, it is important to reduce manual intervention to a minimum, and the "AC" series electric pumps meet this need; in fact, they are STRONGLY SELF-PRIMING (no need to fill suction hose on first use), and REVERSIBLE (the direction of action be can reversed to enable reflow of excess liquid during pouring operations or the emptying of pipes at the end of work). They are also easily disassembled for quick and frequent maintenance and practical to use, in the trolley version, with electrical system, reverse gear and emergency button on board.

They use standard fixed speed motors (1400, 900 or 700 rpm); they can also be equipped with a variable speed drive or servo-ventilated motor for inverter application.

The "AC" series includes models with capacities from 540 to 24,000 litres/hour, up to 3 Atm. prevalence.

Standard attachments are with hose connector, but other attachments can be mounted on request.

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