Prpduction and sale of sanitary electric pumps

Advanced solutions for pouring fluid products

Prpduction and sale of sanitary electric pumps

For 50 years we have been manufacturing "RAPID" series sanitary electric pumps, with flexible elastomer impeller and AISI 316L stainless steel pump body, made from a solid bar, NOT from welded or cast sheet metal, to obtain perfectly smooth, compact surfaces with no porosity.

These electric pumps are used for pouring fluid, semi-fluid and dense products and are appreciated as being STRONGLY SELF-PRIMING (no need to fill suction hose on first use), REVERSIBLE (the direction of action can be reversed), easy to disassemble for quick and frequent maintenance, and practical to use, in the trolley version, with electrical system, reverse gear and emergency button on board.

They use standard fixed speed motors (1400, 900 or 700 rpm); they can also be equipped with a variable speed drive or servo-ventilated motor for inverter application, for delicate transport of products and for very thick or viscous substances such as pastes, creams, gels, jams, honey and sauces. For several years we have patented SANITARY execution, bearing in mind the special needs of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the design phase, without altering the qualities of reliability and performance that have made "RAPID" products appreciated to date.

Compared with the standard "RAPID" execution, all parts that could cause stagnation of the product and be a source of contamination have been eliminated: the inside of the pump is one perfectly smooth body, made from a solid bar with a turning and milling process; these features permit CIP (clean in place) washing. Impeller and seals are in white SILICON, a material that has been certified as suitable for use in contact with foodstuffs, according to FDA regulations, implementing Directive 89/109 EEC and subsequent regulation EC 1935/2004.

The "RAPID SANITARY" series includes models with capacities from 240 to 45,000 litres/hour, up to 3 Atm. prevalence.

Standard attachments are with hose connector, but other attachments can be mounted on request: DIN, GAS, TRI-CLAMP, FLANGED ATTACHMENTS. An AISI 316L stainless steel motor protection cowling can be mounted on request.

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