Stainless steel filters

Bruno Wolhfarth produces "Farminox" and "Labonix series industrial components"

stainless steel filters

"FARMINOX" plate filters work with filtering cartons of different porosity, depending on the degree of filtration to be obtained.

They are used for coarse type or rinsing or clarifying processing before packaging of liquid products: drinks, oils, liquors, perfumes, colognes, after-shaves, hair lotions, food and pharmaceutical syrups, essences and food supplements.

They are particularly appreciated in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, which have special requirements of hygiene and certification of materials in contact with the product.

The most important quality of our filters is that they are 100% stainless steel, can be easily and completely disassembled for perfect cleaning and have no sealswhich would have to be removed and washed at each filtration because they could be a source of bacterial contamination. The characteristic round shape of the plates makes it possible to obtain a perfect seal directly between plate and card.

Use of the blanking plate supplied can reduce the filter surface for filtering small amounts of product, avoiding wastage of filtering material.

Labinox series filtration system

To meet the needs of laboratories which must filter small quantities of product, we have designed "LABINOX" series of filters, Models L/10 and L/20, with 10 and 20 filter media,an hourly capacity of 200/400 litres (reference to water), a filter surface area of 0.13-0.26 m2 and respective weights of 16 and 26 kg.

They have the same construction features as the "FARMINOX" series filters, but in smaller sizes: they are also 100% stainless steel, can be easily disassembled and washed, and have no seals because the plates have the characteristic round shape.

Complete installation of the "LABINOX" filter with pressure gauge, electric pump and stainless steel tap or by-pass has met with the approval of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, herbal and food laboratories for the filtration of small quantities of perfumes, liquors, wines, medicinal infusions and laboratory tests; it is an economical solution for high-quality filtering because it works with the filter card and because of its small dimensions, which are exactly proportionate to the quantity to be filtered, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

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